Pendulums are used to get answers to specific questions. First swing the pendulum slightly in a circular motion, ask your pendulum to show you what the yes response will look like. Swing the pendulum again in a circular motion and ask what a no response will be. Every time you ask a question, slightly swing the pendulum in a circular motion and wait for your response.

Pendulum cone with brass/stainless finding, tarnish resistant stainless steel chain with lobster clasp to easily alternate interchangeable cones, 8mm gemstone end bead with stainless steel headpin. 318x14mm



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All measurements and weights are approximate as materials used to make each piece will vary in weight, a margin of +/- is allowed for measurements as links, findings and significant pieces will vary slightly due to each piece being assembled by hand.

Resolution may be altered from actual product due to device output.

Gemstones are a natural source from earth and may contain tiny distinguishing marks or blemishes known to lovers of stones as birthmarks.

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